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In Charlie We Trust ?

August 18, 2009

imagesLatest findings from the Guardian have revealed that shortly after the Prince took over the presidency of the National Trust charity  in 2002, he threatened to quit the charity on the basis that he didn’t like the design of the HQ and the non-traditional approach that the charity has towards design.


The Trust managed to convince the prince of the merits of the scheme for their HQ in Swindon and it was built with over 1000 photovoltaic panels on the roof throwing into question that any arguments over the design of the building were on sustainability grounds as Clarence House suggested.

This is the latest update in the Guardian’s investigation of Prince Charles’ involvement the architecture of the country and follows our blog yesterday A Right Royal Rumble Next To St Paul’s

We eagerly await a response from the royal family about the allegations that suggest they may be too involved in architecture and planning in Britain today.

REM has not chosen to report or express a particular bias when reporting on this situation that has arisen in the news over the past couple of days.

We will endeavour to give a fair representation to any updates that arise and report on them accordingly.

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