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Visualisation of CO2 emissions in the East Midlands

July 8, 2009

Down at City University for a wide-ranging Data Visualisation masterclass; will put up some useful links in due course, but thought I would quickly put up this first effort we’ve made at IEM to visualise the region’s CO2 emissions, using the excellent ManyEyes site.

Would be interested to know what you think – is this a useful way of comparing the different sources of emissions as they vary across the region? Click below to go to the interactive version on the Many Eyes site

E74869e8-2f4b-11de-8688-000255111976 Blog_this_caption

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  1. Evan Rees permalink*
    July 9, 2009 6:47 pm

    This really helps me to see where all the CO2 comes from. It reflects other charts of a similar nature which seem to indicate that Rutland has a disproprtionately high output of CO2. Is there an explanation for this? The only high CO2 output I can think of in Rutland would be Ketton Quarry. Am I missing something?

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