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East Midlands Regional Plan: Partial Review

March 26, 2009

East Midlands Regional Assembly have written to us this week outlining next steps in the Partial Review process. 

The recession is clearly creating a need for some re-thinking.  They therefore propose to focus the review on the post 2021 period in respect of housing provision.  The exception to this will be Lincolnshire where a more immediate response is needed to address concerns raised by coastal flooding risks. 

Local government elections in June also mean that the timetable for “Options Consultation” has to be slipped back to ensure that there isn’t a conflict with the rules on publicity around local election times.  Options consultation will now start on june 30th 09.  The target of submission of a draft revised regional plan for public consultation in March 2010 remains unchanged.

Finally, the public participation support service (run by East Midlands Planning Aid) is now up and running.  The helpline number is 0870 850 9802.

More information about the Regional Spatial Strategy and the partial review can be found on the Regional Assembly web site:

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