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March 9, 2009

litterbugsREM is all about making better places – one of the most fundamental aspects that passes the ‘man on the street’ test is reducing the amount of litter in public spaces.

Policy Exchange and the CPRE have today released Litterbugs, a report looking at the people responsible for littering, the areas where it is most prevalent, and examples of policies from around the world which have proven highly effective (for example, New South Wales reduced beach litter by 46% in one year).

The report concludes with seven recommendations. One making headlines today has been the introduction of a national deposit scheme for bottles and other containers, a contributing factor to tackling New York’s litter problem. Here at REM we’re also pleased to see design getting a deserved emphasis:

Design is an overlooked tool in reducing litter, yet with much of our infrastructure and public spaces up for renewal there is a unique opportunity to reduce litter by this means. It is crucial that we ensure that the commissioners and designers of public space try to design out littering, by engaging with the people who use, manage and maintain those public spaces as early as possible in the design process.

For a synopsis of the report go here. To read the full report (a succinct 47 pages), go here.

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