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All you need to know…Regional Select Committees

March 6, 2009

Houses of Parliament

An important piece of the regional governance jigsaw went through Parliament on Tuesday – not uncontroversially -with the confirmation of the Regional Select Committee membership for the East Midlands: John Heppell, Bob Laxton, Judy Mallaber, Sir Peter Soulsby and Paddy Tipping.

If you’re familiar with the usual make-up of a Select Committee, you may notice that this looks a little skinny; a decision by the Oppostion parties not to co-operate with the process meant only Labour members being nominated as members.

The Committees’ remit:

The Standing Orders agreed by the House of Commons on 12 November 2008 stated that the regional select committees shall be appointed “to examine regional strategies and the work of regional bodies” for the eight English regions, excluding London. The intention is that the committees would look at the “development or implementation of policies where there is a regional aspect to decision-taking and delivery, and would not be focused on the purely local impact of nationally set policies”.

In the light of this week’s debate, there is a freshly updated (and very useful) Parliamentary Briefing on the background, structure and responsibilities of the Committees.

Hansard has the lively proceedings from the debate, or go to TheyWorkForYou to see the video version. This one has some way to go yet…

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  1. Nicola Underdown permalink
    March 6, 2009 11:32 pm

    Great post, Warren, especially the link to the updated briefing.

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